How To Make Engaging Facebook Posts That Work

Facebook Post


Facebook pages have become a market haven for business owners because it allows them to attract targeted prospects and build brand awareness. We are going to explore 5 effective methods that you can use when writing Facebook posts in order to increase engagement with your fans.

5 Effective Facebook Posting Tips

Capture Your Fans Attention

According to Statistic Brain  the average person’s attention span is eight seconds and on average reads one word per second. That means that first eight words of your Facebook post have capture your fans attention. An example of capture your fans attention is by creating excitement by using phrases like “HOLY COW” or “OMG” before your main message.


Keep Facebook Post Short

Facebook users are famous for scanning quickly through their news feeds it best to keep your post simple, quick and engaging . If your update is too long users tend not to read the whole post.  The ultimate goal of your Facebook post is to get people to take action. Think of post as a breadcrumb that leads your fans to blog post, video or sales page.   


Use Photo’s In Your Posts And Updates

Not only are picture worth a thousand words they are also the most engaging and shared type of Facebook post.  See the chart below for the most engaging post types on Facebook .

Facebook post

Ask Questions

One of the strategies that works best in social networking is to ask questions. Question encourage engagement and interaction with your fans. It helps them feel valued and proves that you place importance upon what they think and say. People like Facebook because it allows them to be part of the discussion and share their views.  You want ask open ended question that allow your fans to respond with a detailed reply.


Create A Posting Calendar And Schedule Your Post In Advance

The simplest way to manage your content and stay connected with your fans is by creating a posting calendar with what you want to post about each week or month. This will not only help you post on a regular basis it will also ensure that your content is fresh, relevant and engaging.

Using scheduling tools like Hootsuite allows you to manage your time effectively by scheduling your posts in advance. The benefit of scheduling tools is that they allow you post at times when most of fans are online even when you’re not.

Facebook page post are important because they convey your company’s message, build your brand and show people who you actually are. Try to keep these tips in mind because all of them can help you make sure that your updates actually do the job you want them to do.

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