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Real Estate Video Production and Marketing Why Invest In A Real Estate Video For Property Management?

Invest in Real Estate video, Property Management video and Apartment video tours, and give your prospects a means of previewing your amenities before they take the next step of scheduling an appointment.  This allows renters to get a real sense of the property’s scale and flow.  With a full script and inviting narration, you will have future prospects lined up at your door.

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An open house or scheduled visits are great ways to get potential renters.  With online video however, your potential buyers can get a preview of the property from anywhere in the world at any hour of the day.  It’s a great way to prompt enquiries – “The video looks great, I must see this property”.  Add a clickable link within the video for your prospects to take action now.


Still photos can’t convey motion; sparkling pool and spa water, waving palm trees,  people barbequing by the pool or walking their dogs – all evocative imagery that cannot be communicated as effectively with still photos.  Coupled with the right background music and inviting narration, the real estate video, apartment video or community video can convey much more than a written list of amenities and property features.


More and more search engine results these days include links to video.  Having real estate video increases the online visibility of your property, and will do so with increasing frequency as time goes on.


More so than a series of photos, video can show the proximity of the kitchen to the dining room, the verandah to the pool and so on.  Only slices of these views can be shown with photography.  Video can show every angle and flow of the place.


Having real estate videos (Model tours, Community Videos, Resident Testimonials) on your website brands you as a progressive property manager who is making best efforts in marketing your community.  And prospects out right expect that or they will skip your property and jump to the community who is.  You know it and we know it.