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Why you should include Pinterest in your Video Marketing Strategy

Pinterest, Video Marketing


Pinterest is a great tool to add to your video marketing strategy. Pinterest basically is an online scrapbook of photos and videos. Businesses and brands have been using Pinterest to promote their business, products and to build brand awareness.  Most businesses are not aware that Pinterest can be important marketing tool to promote videos.

Some business have capitalized Pinterest as an effective marketing tool to promote videos and expand their video marketing reach. Mashable reported that business saw increase in traffic and engagement when they started pinning their videos. If you want to see significant results in your video marketing it key to include Pinterest to your video marketing strategy.


Tips on how to use Pinterest to Boost your Video Marketing

Pinterest is an online scrapbook so it all about photos. Your thumbnail photo is essential to your video marketing strategy. A good thumbnail pin will entice people to click it. A video pin is an appealing cover representation of your video that can also function as an intro. You Tube and Vimeo have programs that allow you to produce a great thumbnail for your videos.


Pinterest, Video Marketing


Make certain that your video descriptions are compelling and include targeted keyword. The descriptions need to be searchable and the video file name should match the title of the video. Matching data names and title will give your video better searchability on video sharing sites such as You Tube.

Pinterest is a visual website and it is very easy to have your videos get lost in the mountain of images. You need to make it easy for people by putting videos in boards that are dedicated to videos. This will provide your video better opportunities to be viewed because it is in one spot where individuals expect to look at video.


Pinterest, Video Marketing


It is important to keep in mind that Pinterest is a social network. That being said, you need to capitalize on the social interaction of Pinterest. Your followers will be your leverage to promote and share your video. Never ever forget to publish videos or pictures of other boards that caters to your industry or niche.  It not about promoting your competitors but about adding value to your followers.

For example if your wedding photographer you might want to post pins from a florist specializes in flower arrangements for weddings.

Remember to “socialize” your boards. This will give people the ability to contribute on your boards. This feature will allow for your active followers to contribute their own videos. This will make your boards more relevant and attract more followers which can be a great boost for your video marketing reach. 

Create videos that people want to pin or re-pin. If your videos are low quality or has uncompelling content it most likely won’t get shared. Don’t forget this is marketing compelling content is king.

Video marketing is great way to build brand awareness. It is important that business include Pinterest in their video marketing strategy. Making excellent video is not effective if no one sees it.

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