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Real Estate Photography


Sure you can have your leasing specialist take photos of your property with your digital cameras for your turns, but how is that going to help you lease more apartments?

Answer – It’s not. This is where we at SurReel Video come in.

Regular photos are a thing of the past and HD real estate photography is the future. The fact is, the more dynamic the photography, the better your units will rent or sell. We have developed special techniques to provide you the highest brochure quality photos.

We specialize (15+ years experience) in the multifamily apartment industry so we know our way around and understand your ultimate goals of showcasing your amenities with the highest quality possible.


Our HD Real Estate Photography is Brochure Quality
– It is the only way we know how!

The days of people driving looking for homes/apartments are over. The latest statistics report that 80% to 90% of seekers begin their real estate search online and increasingly, with smartphones and tablets.

People are very visual beings and becoming more so every day. This means, that by the time the person walks into your office, there is a good chance that they have already chosen the apartments they are interested in. Once an apartment is priced near the correct market value, it must compete with all of the other properties in that location, price range, and set of features.

So when one is shopping for a new apartment community and browsing site after site how are you making your property rise above the rest?

When a user is browsing listings online, what is the marketing ingredient that will draw them to your listing above all others?

The quality of the marketing real estate photography is the single most important factor in getting potential renters to come look at the property.

Renters love pictures, the more the better. However, while a great picture will set your listing apart from the others, a bad picture will turn away potential renters. Property Managers/owners understand the value of good real estate photography and marketing materials.

Taking the time to hire a professional real estate photographer will make you stand out from the competition.

While most people think that taking pictures of real estate is very easy, it actually requires more equipment, more skill, and more time than other forms of photography.

Today’s point and shoot digital cameras, while good, will just not do the job of real estate photography. To really put your best foot forward, hire a professional and get the images you need today.

Our Professional HD Real Estate Photography Service Includes:

    • •Clubhouse (Common rooms, Fitness rooms, Business Centers, Theaters, etc.)
    • •Model Apartment/Room (Living rooms, Bedrooms, Bathrooms, etc.)
    • •Amenities (Granite, Fireplace, Pantry, Vaulted Ceilings, etc.)
    • •Landscaping (Trees, Flowers, Displays, etc.)
    • •Swimming Pool (Pool, Spa, Barbeque Grills, Cabanas, etc.)
    • •Twilight Photography
    • •Dusk Photography