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Animated Explainer Video Services



  • Do you have something you need to explain to a wider audience?
  • Maybe it is a service, a product, an app, maybe it is a procedure or even a concept you’re trying to sell to an investor?
  • Why not turn it into an animated explainer video?

Animated Explainer Videos are not only a powerful way to explain things in a step-by-step way; they are much more likely to keep the viewers’ attention!


 Dropbox increased their conversion rate 10% by using a simple explainer video on their homepage. This 10% increase led to 10 million additional customers and $48,000,000 in extra revenue. This was all done with an explainer video that cost less than $50,000.

Our point: Having a professionally produced explainer video and solid marketing plan can help you generate more income for your business. Invest in one today for as low as $3,499.

Our Animated Explainer Video Development Process:

Article-icon        Step 1 – Write Your Script
Great videos start with a great script. We cannot stress this enough.
This is your opportunity to distill the key messages about your product or service in no longer than 2 minutes. The ideal length is 60-90 seconds which will have a script of 150-250 words. The key is to quickly state the key messages you want to communicate and end with a call to action.
If you are struggling with writing your script, then let us write it for you.

storyboard_icons          Step 2 – Create the Story Board
A story board is the visual map that shows what will be happening on the screen as we are guided by the audio narrative. Pictures combined with clever animation add more impact to your message.
Generally speaking, allow 7 working days for our creative team to complete their story board concept for you.

andrea-pure-audio-live         Step 3 – Record Audio
A professional voice artist is highly recommended because it adds a professional touch to your video that gives it that added polished look.  We work with numerous voice-over talents and are very good at finding the right voice for your message.

animation           Step 4 – Animate!
Depending on what style of video you have chosen, this phase can take between 10 to 14 days to turn around. Any changes will add additional time for production.

Upload            Step 5 – Publish
Once the animation is complete and you are happy with your video, you can post it to YouTube and start using it on your Facebook and more importantly your website to boost sales.
We recommend you post your video on your website home page for the most exposure.
Plan on 4-6 weeks to finish from the time a script is finalized to the time you take delivery of your finished product.