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Promotional Videos


We work with you to create a promotional video that promotes your business in the greatest way possible. Promotional videos are great if you are about to release a new product, or about to have a grand opening of a new location-either way they can work to your advantage in increasing awareness of your company, product or service.
Businesses who want to stay ahead of the curve create promotional videos in order to let customers know about a new product or a special sale. Using videos to promote your products is much more effective than using print ads because customers can actually hear your voice and see the product in action. These videos, if well thought out and professionally-produced, will excite customers about your product and make them want to take action.

See how Three Square used our promotional video service to promote their next event.

Promotional videos are marketing and sales tools designed to introduce or educate consumers about a particular product, cause, or organization. Generally, a promo video is structured to be precise, direct and to only last for NO MORE than ten minutes. This usually allows a well-produced video to hold the attention of viewers long enough to make the key points necessary to generate additional interest.
Another use for a promotional video is for the use of a sales presentation or meeting.
How many times have you done the same presentation for a new client?
If it is more than once for the same product, then a having SurReel Video produce a custom promotional video is just the anecdote you’ve been looking for. Look more professional to your next potential client and wow them with a professionally produced video presentation.
Let the video do the talking and the rest will follow. Promotional videos are also used for crowd funding. And the list goes on.

SurReel Video produces promotional videos for a wide variety of businesses