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Video Testimonials

Video Testimonials Allows Your Current And Past Clients To Act As Spokespersons For Your Business

Put the power of your customers validating your business for you. Testimonials are one of the most potent tools of marketing. When it comes to business, success depends highly on word of mouth. It is important to build trust and emotional connections. Sure, some text on your website is worth something, but how much do you think a video testimonial can be worth to your business?
With a real life client talking about their great experience with your company on your website, you will establish credibility with potential customers.

  • We love filming your customers telling their positive experiences with your product or service.
  • We shoot video everywhere – we travel to your customers.
  • Our videos build credibility, visibility, and sales.

Our approach to producing the most effective video testimonials for our clients:

Let the customer do the talking and tell their true story-don’t narrate it for them. If you are telling the story instead of your customer, you are losing the single most powerful effect of the video. A narrator can and will say anything their client asks of them. A customer will not.

Let your customer tell the story, because they’ll be more trustworthy and it will come across more sincere. During the filming stage, ask them questions that bring out the full story from beginning to end.

At SurReel Video, we have a lot of experience and technique of getting the good stories from your clients. It is not necessary for your customer to memorize a script or have specific ways to say things. It is all about being genuine about their experience with your product or service so your future customers can relate.

  • Video testimonials give increased confidence in buyers
  • Video testimonials give credibility when they see other customers happy with your product/service
  • Video testimonials give customers greater interest in your website and what you offer.
  • Video testimonials help overcome buying hesitation
  • Video testimonials reinforce sales points and features