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6 Video Marketing Blunders to Avoid

There are lots of methods you can use to promote your business on the internet but one method that is becoming more popular today is video marketing.  Videos have become the most consumed type of content and more videos are appearing all over the web. A growing number of people are relying on videos to get the information they want and need.

Since more business have started to see exactly how effective videos are, they have begun to take advantage of them in pre-selling and promoting their products or services. However, if you look at the overall video marketing that’s taking place, many of them are making mistakes that can be easily avoided.

Six Common Video Marketing Mistakes


1) For various reasons, many business still don’t make use of videos in their promotional efforts, and this is a fundamental mistake. Video consumption has grown in the past few years because of sites like YouTube, and this goes to show how important video can be for your business. Many business don’t even make an effort with video marketing because they don’t comprehend how much it could do for them. Video marketing, however, can be a highly effective in increasing traffic and promoting your business. Therefore, not creating videos when they’re so popular amounts to leaving money on the table.


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<p>2) Long videos are not likely to hold people’s attention, so keep them brief 5 to 10 minutes at the most. While people may be willing to spend a half hour or longer watching a TV show, the same isn’t true for online videos. What you should focus on is making brief videos that get the point across clearly. Every extra minute that your video runs makes it more likely that you’ll lose your viewers’ attention. You should strive to get people’s attention, hold it for a few minutes and then give them a call to action before they get bored. Most internet users prefer shorter, information rich articles, and it works the same way with video content. If you make a video and find it’s very long because you have lots of important content on it, then simply edit it into several separate videos.</p>
<p>3) One common video marketing mistake is to not put enough effort into the content and only think about the appearance and technical quality. You can find many highly successful videos online that were made with the simplest equipment, yet their content set them apart. Your technology and equipment can always be upgraded at some point, but for the present your main goal should be reaching your viewers with the kind of content they want. If you understand this basic element, there’s no limit to what you can achieve.</p>
<p>4) Not leveraging and not focusing on the community is a serious error. Sites like YouTube have a strong community where people subscribe to videos, comment on them, share and actively participate in discussions. You need to leverage this community. Be an active part of the community and show the other users that they matter.</p>
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5) One other common mistake is to block the ability to embed and share. You shouldn’t be doing this because if others can’t share your video, how do you think it will get around? By allowing your viewers to distribute your video, you will find more and more opportunities. Keep in mind that videos can go viral and generate a lot of traffic so you shouldn’t be placing any limits on them. 

6) It is an error to believe that video marketing will generate fast results because it can take a while for your video to become popular. Promoting your video on sites that matter and making sure you take the right course of action is essential to seeing results. Your marketing efforts will be for nothing if you push too hard. You won’t see any results unless you give it a while. you need to analyze if anything else needs doing based on the performance of your video. Just like SEO takes a while before it starts generating traffic, video marketing is also a long term strategy.

You’ll find that your video marketing efforts will pay off much better if you can avoid these mistakes. As you gain experience, you’ll learn what works and what doesn’t in video marketing.

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