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Training Video Production Services

A Internal Video Can Be A Useful Tool For Your Business

Not all videos are needed to be marketed to your clients.  A internal video can be a very useful tool in training your staff, recruiting your employees or even to welcome/orientate them.  By investing in a internal training videos and company orientation videos, you will be able to get your message across in a consistent manner and be able to save time and money on live training sessions.

Training videos are one method of teaching people through a visual step-by-step process. These instructional videos can be catered to training employees, teaching customers about company products or even construction training. Training videos target three important focuses that most companies look for: Cost effective, convenient and accessible, high quality repetitive information.  Instead of holding multiple in-person training sessions or hosting the same sessions repeatedly, training videos offers the trainee the convenience of viewing from any location. They have the option of training at their own pace, absorbing the information through multiple viewings, and have continuous access to the information day or night. Training videos can eliminate travel costs and/or the costs for reserving spaces to host the training’s.

If you are recruiting for new talent in your company, one great way to do so is by taking your recruitment ad to video.  To produce a great recruiting video, it should include the following:

      • Talk specifically about the work potential employees would be doing.
      • Share some benefits for employees applying for the specific positions in the video.
      • Interview some current employees explaining their experience with the company.
      • Include information about how people can apply to work at your company.

Learning videos are great supplemental options to in-person teaching sessions. Since the nature of these videos can be so versatile, the videos can cover reinforcing topics in addition to any in-person training. This option gives viewers much needed resources at their fingertips.

Have a message from your CEO that you want to communicate with your employees every month in a brief, on camera presentation? Intercut with motion graphics, stills, and videos showcasing the latest products in action, the pace and vibrancy of the corporate video communicates the feeling of a company on the move. Communications are a direct reflection of your company.  Effective executive communications are essential to enhancing company culture. Your executives are the face of your organization. Every aspect of their communication, from the way they reach out to the audience to the tone with which they deliver their message, says something about who they are and what the company stands for.

Other types: Meeting Videos, Seminar Videos, Orientation Videos, Meet the Staff Videos, Safety Videos, Holiday Party Videos, etc.