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The SurReel Video team was hired to shoot some interviews with the Producers of new film “LITTLE BOY” featuring Kevin James, Emily Watson, Michael Rapaport and Eduardo Verástegui.  The film airs in theaters April 24th.   Watch the Trailer below:     On Set of interview shoot.  2 camera’s set up and 1 more to […]

  Facebook pages have become a market haven for business owners because it allows them to attract targeted prospects and build brand awareness. We are going to explore 5 effective methods that you can use when writing Facebook posts in order to increase engagement with your fans. 5 Effective Facebook Posting Tips Capture Your Fans […]

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We were hired by Tuscany Apartments to interview and film some of their residents to describe their experience with renting their apartment home and why they chose Tuscany. Video Testimonials are a powerful way to marketing your company through the eyes of your already satisfied clients, customers and residents. Tuscany has used this on their […]

  Unless you are still living in the pre internet age then you know businesses both large and small are using product videos to attract new customers, encourage sharing on social media sites, increasing both online and offline sales. Why are business jumping on the product video bandwagon? Videos now appear in 70% of the […]

*……………………..Happy Easter from SurReel Video…………………………* We hope you had a wonderful Easter.  We look forward to seeing you soon.        

If you been in the Real Estate or Property Management Industry for any length of time then you understand the importance of a real estate video tour and why you should include it in your marketing strategy. The beauty of a real estate tour is that it allows the potential buyer/renter to view a property […]

  Many Companies that have exhausted all of the other different marketing methods, are constantly looking  for new ways to reach a wider audience.  Which why they have turned to Mobile Advertising to help get an edge on the competition. The beauty of mobile marketing it allows for easy advertisement through mobile devices. Mobile Advertising Tips To Get A […]

Mobile marketing is growing worldwide and for good reason. In 2013 there were 1.4 billion smartphones users and 1 in 4 online searches were done using a mobile device. Those facts alone are why companies both large and small are jumping on the mobile marketing bandwagon. Though mobile marketing is still relatively new, expert’s project […]

    Many thousands of large and small businesses have jumped on the social media marketing bandwagon and for good reason. Social media is a great catalyst of increased website traffic and with a high quality social media marketing strategy you can create a viral effect within your market. Of course if you want to bring your […]

  Infusing your brand with characteristics and attributes that totally elevate your game can be done because it is a matter of executing the right steps. So if you want to forge ahead of others and pave your own path with effective brand creation and building, then the following article may prove to be helpful […]