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Recruiting Video

There Is No Better Way To Effectively Promote Your Company Brand Than With A Recruiting Video

Reading a pamphlet is just not that exciting and it never can give a true sense of your company branding and atmosphere. If you have compelling recruiting video so job seekers can visualize what it would be like working at your company, you are likely to attract more enthusiastic applicants who truly know what they’d be getting into. Quality recruiting/recruitment videos will have a mix of company leaders, employee testimonials and scripted scenarios.

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To produce a great recruiting video, it should include the following:

*Talk specifically about the work potential employees would be doing
*Share some benefits for employees applying for the specific positions in the video.
*Interview some current employees explaining their experience with the company.
*Include information about how people can apply to work at your company.

We repeat: Great recruiting videos feature your current team members. They talk about the company in their own words. This gives candidates key insight on the company culture, who might be on their team, and what your company values (its employees). Send out a poll and find out who’s willing to be on-camera in each department and use your existing talent to appeal to new talent.

Think about Police departments, military units, and colleges. These are all industry examples of effective uses for recruiting videos which has been working for years. Some organizations showcase their companies by creating career sites that are heavy with short videos featuring tours of the company, interviews with executives, candid chats with staff, and day-in-the-life scenarios of what people in particular positions do all day.

They may include videos about the local area or videos that have been made by news agencies about the company. Examples of excellent career sites that contain video include those of KPMG, Deloitte, and Whirlpool. These have all won awards for excellence based on the success they have had in recruiting the talent they need using their career site.

SurReel Video can provide the expertise and service to help you produce these kinds of videos.