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Product Videos


Product videos are the most effective way to entice prospects to engage in what you are offering.
How many times have you purchased something online because there was a product video demonstration showing you how something works or the many different functions?

Professionally scripted product videos take the guessing game out of the equation from the lengthy product descriptions.

Did you know that by using video demos on product pages increased Zappos’ sales by up to 30%?

  • *Increase viewer engagement
  • *Increase “add to cart” rates by an average of 25%
  • *Highlight key features
  • *Reduce return rates


SurReel Video Professionally Produced Product Videos Can Boost Your Conversions

Today’s multi-media technology affords online businesses more ways to showcase their products to customers than ever before. Showcasing your products in cutting edge product videos increases product confidence and allows your customers to build a connection with your brand. Creative and effective video brings your products and services to life while providing customers a memorable experience on your site.

More and more people are shopping online these days. But we all know that the one downside of e-commerce is not being able to actually touch and feel a product before we make the purchase. Once we get the product in the mail, it may not be exactly what we were looking for or it may not fit correctly.

Creating videos that show your product in action and highlight the features allows you to really sell your product to your audience. Furthermore, it may help reduce your return rate!

A product video can show the quality of a product and provide all the details that could have easily been overlooked when reading a description. With a custom product video, you can easily highlight key features that will show your product in the best light possible. You can even show the process of how the product is made.

There are limitless possibilities of what you can do when your product videos.
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